The Ultimate 4 Day Bro Split Routine with PDF

4 Day Bro Split Routine

Looking for an easy-to-follow workout routine that can help you maintain your shape and increase your strength? Then the Bro-split workout routine is for you.

The Bro split involves the training of one muscle group per day, allowing you to focus on each muscle specifically. It is also known as a muscle group split.

The muscle-group workout plan is a time-efficient and effective way to enhance and maintain overall fitness.

I’ve already shared five and six days weekly schedules, but if you want an effective 4 day bro split routine, this article is for you.

In this article, I’ll show you how to design a 4 day muscle group split, as well as hand out a couple of examples with PDF.

Whether you’re male or female, you can follow one of them to work on your fitness development.

How to Design a 4 Day Bro Split Workout Plan?

Training every muscle group isn’t possible in one week if you follow a four day bro split workout plan.

In this scenario, you have two options, the first is to pair chest & triceps and back & biceps muscles, and the second option is to train one muscle in one day until you complete the training of every muscle group.

If you go with option one, you can train your muscles this way:

  • Monday – Chest & Triceps
  • Tuesday – Legs
  • Wednesday – OFF
  • Thursday – Back & Biceps
  • Friday – OFF
  • Saturday – Shoulder
  • Sunday – OFF

And if you go with option two, you can follow this schedule to train each muscle:

  • Week 1 – Monday: Chest
  • Tuesday – Quad and Calves
  • Thursday – Back
  • Saturday – Shoulder
  • Week 2 – Monday: Triceps
  • Tuesday – Hamstrings and Glutes
  • Thursday – Core
  • Saturday – Biceps
  • It will take two weeks to complete the full body training.

Below, I’ll share the complete schedule of each routine. You can follow the one you like.

The first option is better for muscle and strength building than the second one.

However, if you want to dedicate one training session for each muscle group and maintain your strength and mass, you can choose the second option.

Whichever schedule you follow, start your training with 10 minutes of warm-up exercises, as it helps enhance performance and minimize the risk of injuries.

Here are the warm-up options for you:

Warm-up 1Warm-up 2
Front Leg Swings (10 reps/leg)5-min Foam Rolling
Jumping Jacks (15-sec)Jumping Jacks (15-sec)
Mountain Climber (15-sec)Lateral Leg Swings (10 reps/leg)
High Knees (15-sec)Mountain Climber (15-sec)
Bear Crawls (30-sec)High Knees (15-sec)
Treadmill (5 min)Stationary Bike (5 min)

The Best 4 Day Bro Split Schedule (Routine A)

Bro Split Workout

Day 1 – Chest & Triceps

Flat Bench Press310-152-min
Incline DB Bench Press310-122-min
Pec Deck Fly312-1590-sec
Dumbbell Pullover210-1290-sec
Bar Dips36-102-min
Triceps Pushdown312-1590-sec

Day 2 – Legs

Dumbbell Lunges310/leg1-min
Machine Leg Press312-152-min
DB Romanian Deadlift36-82-min
Machine Leg Curl312-1590-sec
Glute Hip Thrust310-122-min

Day 3 – Back & Biceps

Front Lat Pulldown312-152-min
Seated Cable Rowing312-152-min
Bent-over Barbell Row312-152-min
Preacher Curl215-2090-sec
Hammer Curl215-2090-sec

Day 4 – Shoulder

DB Overhead Press310-152-min
Dumbbell Front Raises310-1290-sec
Dumbbell Lateral Raises312-1590-sec
Rear Delt Machine Flyes312-1590-sec
Shoulder Shrug310-122-min

The 4 Day Muscle Group Split Workout (Routine B)


Week 1Week 2
Monday: ChestMonday: Triceps
Tue – Quad & CalfTue – Ham & Glute
Thursday – BackThursday – Core
Saturday – ShoulderSaturday – Biceps

Instructions: Perform three to four sets of 10 to 12 reps with one to three minutes of rest between them.

Monday (Chest)Tuesday (Quad & Calf)
Incline Hammer Strength Bench PressDumbbell Front Lunges
Flat Dumbbell Bench PressMachine Leg Press
Pec Deck Machine FlyLeg Extension
Chest DipsSM Standing Calf Raises
Thursday – BackSaturday – Shoulder
Pull-upsArnold Press
V-Grip Lat PulldownFront Raises
Seated Cable RowingLateral Raises
Bent-over Row/ T- Bar RowRear Delt Flyes
1-arm Dumbbell RowShrug
Monday – TricepsTuesday – Ham & Glute
Bar DipsDB Pop Squat
Narrow Grip Bench Press/Diamond Push-upsLong Leg March
Skull Crusher/Overhead ExtensionRomanian Deadlift
Rope/Bar PushdownMachine Leg Curl
Triceps KickbackHip Thrusts
Thursday – CoreSaturday – Biceps
Hanging Knee RaisesChinups
Dip Stand Leg RaisesPreacher Curl
Decline Bench CrunchSpider Curl
High to Low Cable ChopHammer Curl
Forearm PlankBarbell Wrist Extension

Download The 4 Day Bro Split Workout PDF

Is Bro-Split Effective for Muscle Building?

If your primary goal is to put on mass and level up strength, follow the push-pull-legs, hybrid, or full-body workout program, as they allow you to train your major muscles at least twice a week and help promote hypertrophy (when you feed your muscles essential nutrients).

However, if you want to follow a simple workout plan that involves training one muscle group per day, you can go with the bro-split.

Once you decide to increase the frequency, you can follow this 5-day Bro split.

The Alternate Workout Schedules

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Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.
Picture of Murshid Akram

Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.

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I’m Murshid Akram, a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I primarily design workout plans and share science-based and practical information that can help you become stronger, functional, and healthier.

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