The Dumbbell Push Pull Workout Routine with PDF

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow and effective dumbbell push pull workout routine to build muscles at home, this article is for you.

The Push-Pull is one of the popular training splits that involve performing push and pull exercises on alternate days.

Push day involves training the chest, shoulders, quads, and triceps, while pull day comprises hamstrings, back, biceps, and rear delt exercises.

Anyone (including beginners) wanting to build strength and mass and enhance their fitness level can try this program. And I believe you’ll see some progress in the first few months.

Note: I’ve modified the push-pull-legs (PPL) split into a push/pull split and included leg exercises, such as squats, leg extension, leg press, and calf raises on push day and leg curl and RDL on pull day so that you can train each muscle group twice a week in this four-day split.


Program Duration8-12 Weeks
Split TypePush-Pull Split
Rep-Set MethodSuperset
Sessions/Week4 Days/week
Difficulty levelBeginner to Intermediate
Equipment RequiredDumbbells and a flexible bench
Workout GoalStrength and Muscle Building
Duration/session45 to 60 minutes
Target GenderMales and Females
PDF of This Workout PlanAt the Bottom

4-Day Push Pull Dumbbell Workout to Build Muscle at Home

  • Monday – Push Workout (Quad, Chest, & Triceps)
  • Tuesday – Pull Workout (Back, Biceps, Hamstring, and Core)
  • Wednesday – OFF
  • Thursday – Push Workout (Shoulder, Chest, Quad, and Glutes)
  • Friday – OFF
  • Saturday – Pull Workout (Rear Delt, Back, Hamstrings, and Core)
  • Sunday – OFF

This push-pull dumbbell split involves training large muscle groups two times and small muscles once a week and will help you build strength, endurance, and lean mass at home.

It will be a superset workout routine. Superset training involves performing two muscle groups together (agonist and antagonist) with little or no rest between them.

Monday – Dumbbell Push Workout


  • Jumping Jacks: 15-sec x 2
  • Mountain Climber: 15-sec x 2
  • Back and Forth Leg Swings: 10 reps/leg
  • Pushups: 10 reps x 2

Resistance Training

ExercisesTarget MusclesSetsReps
DB Front Squat + Incline DB Bench PressQuads and Chest3 and 315 and 12
Dumbbell Lunges + Dumbbell FlyLegs and Chest2 and 210/leg and 15
Incline French Press + Leg ExtensionTriceps & Quads3 and 312 and 15


  • Superset 1: After the warm-up, perform 15 dumbbell squats, followed by 12 incline dumbbell bench presses, then take 60-90 seconds of break and repeat two more times.
  • Superset 2: Perform 10 lunges with the right foot, 15 dumbbell pec flyes, then 10 lunges with the left foot. That’s one set. Take 30-45 seconds of rest, then repeat one more time.
  • Superset 3: Do 12 French presses followed by 15 leg extensions, then rest for 45 seconds and repeat three thrice.

Tuesday – Dumbbell Pull Workout


  • Ankle Hops: 10-sec x 2
  • Reverse Lunge to Front Kick: 5 reps/leg x 2
  • High Knees: 15-sec x 2
  • Superman Pull: 10 reps x 2

Main Workout

ExercisesTarget MusclesSetsReps
Dumbbell Deadlift + Incline DB CurlBack, Ham, and Biceps310-12
Bent-over Row + Prone Leg CurlBack and Hamstring312-15
One-arm DB Row + Reverse CrunchesBack and Abs212-15
One-arm Preacher Curl + Dumbbell SwingsFull Body215/arm


  • Superset 1: Perform 10 deadlifts and 12 dumbbell curls, take 45-60 seconds of break, and repeat thrice.
  • Superset 2: Do 12 bent-over rows followed by 15 leg curls, rest for 45-60 seconds, and repeat two more times.
  • Superset 3: Perform 15 rows with the right arm, followed by 10 reverse crunches, and again 10 rows with the left arm to complete the first set. Take 30-45 seconds of rest and repeat one more time.
  • Superset 4: Do 15 preacher curls and kettlebell swings with the right hand, followed by the left hand. Take 45-60 seconds of intervals and repeat once more.

Thursday – Push Dumbbell Workout


  • Jumping Jacks: 15-sec x 2
  • Burpees: 5 reps x 2
  • Back and Forth Leg Swings: 15-sec/leg
  • Dive Bomber Pushups: 5 reps x 2

Strength Workout

ExercisesTarget MusclesSetsReps
Flat Bench Press + Curtsy LungesChest and Legs3 and 212 and 10/leg
Arnold Press + Pop SquatChest and Legs3 and 210 and 8
Lateral Raises + Hip ThrustShoulder and Glute3 and 212 and 10
1-arm OH Tricep Extension + Calf Raises Shoulder and Calves2/side15 per side


  • Superset 1: Perform 12 bench presses and 10 curtsy lunges on each side, followed by 45-60 seconds of rest. Repeat twice and end with 12 bench presses.
  • Superset 2: Perform three sets of Arnold press and two sets of Pop squats.
  • Superset 3: Perform 12 bench presses and 10 hip thrusts, followed by 45-60 seconds of rest. Repeat three times.
  • Superset 4: Do 15 single-arm triceps extensions with your right hand and 15 calf raises with your right foot. Repeat on the opposite side with no rest to complete one set.

Saturday – Pull Dumbbell Workout


  • Ankle Hops: 15-sec x 2
  • Jumping Jacks: 15-sec x 2
  • Inchworm: 15-sec x 2

Main Workout

ExercisesTarget MusclesSetsReps
Bent-over Row + Reverse CrunchesBack and Core3 and 215 and 10
Chest Supported Row + H2L ChopUpper Back, Rear Delt & Core3 and 215 and 10
Rear Delt Raises + Prone Leg CurlRear Delt and Hamstring3 and 312 and 12
DB Pullover + Plank DB DragBack + Core3 and 212 and 5/arm


  • Superset 1: Perform 15 bent-over rows and 10 reverse crunches, followed by 30-45 seconds of rest. And once you complete two sets, perform 15 bent-over rows to end your first superset.
  • Superset 2: Perform three sets of chest-supported rows and two sets of standing high-to-low dumbbell chops.
  • Superset 3: Perform 12 rear delt raises and 10 lying leg curls, followed by 45-60 seconds of rest. Repeat thrice.
  • Superset 4: Perform three sets of dumbbell pullovers and two sets of plank dumbbell drag.

Download The Dumbbell Push Pull Workout PDF

You can make as many changes as you like based on your fitness level.

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