30-Day Dumbbell Superset Workout Plan at Home with PDF

If you want to get twice the work done in half the time, the superset workout is for you. The superset training requires you to perform two exercises back to back with little to no rest in between. It is a great way to stimulate muscle growth, build muscular endurance, and improve cardiovascular health.1Realzola RA, Mang ZA, Millender DJ, Beam JR, Bellovary BN, Wells AD, Houck JM, Kravitz L. Metabolic Profile of Reciprocal Supersets in Young, Recreationally Active Women and Men. J Strength Cond Res. 2022 Oct 1;36(10):2709-2716. doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000003920. Epub 2021 Apr 27. PMID: 33927111., 2Paz GA, Maia MF, Salerno VP, Coburn J, Willardson JM, Miranda H. Neuromuscular responses for resistance training sessions adopting traditional, superset, paired set and circuit methods. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2019 Dec;59(12):1991-2002. doi: 10.23736/S0022-4707.19.09586-0. Epub 2019 May 20. PMID: 31113178.

In this article, I’ve shared the ultimate 30-day dumbbell superset workout plan that can help you build muscles in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re a man or woman, if you train at home with dumbbells, you can download this superset dumbbell workout routine to scale up your fitness level.

Dumbbell Superset Workout Summary

Workout frequency3-4 days a week
Expected daily workout session30 minutes
Suggested program duration8-12 weeks
Equipment neededDumbbells and a workout bench
Workout routine goalDevelop muscle and endurance
Targeted genderMale and Female
Workout levelBeginner to Intermediate
Suggested rest between sets30-sec to 2-minute

Tips to perform workout plan effectively:

  • Use light dumbbells during your first week.
  • Get yourself warm by performing cardio exercises for five minutes before starting the main workout.
  • Increase the weight gradually and note your progress.
  • If any exercise is challenging for you, replace it with a similar or your preferred exercise.

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30-Day Dumbbell Superset Workout Plan to Build Muscle at Home

Superset Dumbbell Workout

You can pair any muscle group you want and perform super sets. For example, I’ve paired push-pull, upper-lower, and compound-isolation workouts in this workout plan. Whether you can follow this workout as they mentioned or customize it depending on your fitness level.

Day 1 – Upper and Lower

Pair No.Upper BodyLower BodyReps
1Dumbbell Overhead PressDumbbell Front Squat10 x 2
2One-arm Dumbbell RowDumbbell Step-up10 x 2
3Dumbbell French PressDumbbell Leg Curl10 x 2
4Dumbbell Biceps CurlDumbbell Glute Bridge10 x 2

Day 2 – OFF

Day 3 – Push-Pull (Upper Body)

Pair No.PushPullReps
1Incline DB Bench PressBent-over DB Row10 x 3
2Dumbbell Lateral RaiseDB Rear Delt Raises10 x 3
3DB Tricep ExtensionDumbbell Pullover10 x 3

Day 4 – OFF

Day 5 – Compound and Isolation

Workout No.Compound WorkoutIsolation ExerciseReps
1DB Squat to Calf RaiseDumbbell Front Raise10 x 3
2DB Deadlift to Upright RowTricep Kickback10 x 3
3Dumbbell Push PressIncline DB Curl10 x 3

Day 6 – OFF

Day 7 – OFF

Day 8 – Upper and Lower Body

Workout No.Upper BodyLower BodyReps
1Dumbbell Floor PressDumbbell Front Lunges10 x 2
2Incline Dumbbell FlyDumbbell Sumo Squat10 x 2
3Dumbbell ShrugDumbbell Leg Extension10 x 2
4Dumbbell Side BendDB Romanian Deadlift10 x 2

Day 9 – OFF

Day 10 – Push-Pull Superset Workout

Pair No.Pull ExercisePush ExerciseReps
1Bent-over DB RowDumbbell Arnold Press10 x 2
2Dumbbell FacepullDumbbell Lateral Raises10 x 2
3Dumbbell Hammer CurlClose Grip Pushup10 x 2
4DB Wrist ExtensionDB Tricep Kickback10 x 2

Day 11 – OFF

Day 12 – Compound and Isolation

Pair No.Compound ExerciseIsolation ExerciseReps
1Dumbbell Man makerDumbbell Glute Bridge10 x 3
2Dumbbell Step-upDumbbell Plank Rotation10 x 3
3Standing IYT RaisesConcentration Curl10 x 3

Day 13 – OFF

Day 14 – OFF

Day 15 – Upper and Lower Body

Pair No.Upper BodyLower BodyReps
1Flat DB Bench PressStandard Dumbbell Squat10 x 2
2Decline DB Bench PressLying DB Leg Curl10 x 2
3One-arm Dumbbell RowDumbbell Curtsy Lunges10 x 2
4Dumbbell Reverse FlyDumbbell Calf Raises10 x 2

Day 16 – Push-Pull

Pair No.Pull ExercisePush ExerciseReps
1Dumbbell DeadliftDumbbell Overhead Press10 x 2
2Dumbbell PulloverDumbell Deficit Pushup10 x 2
3Dumbbell FacepullTricep Extension10 x 2
4Incline DB CurlDumbbell Squeeze Press10 x 2

Day 17 – OFF

Day 18 – Compound and Isolation

Pair No.Compound ExerciseIsolation ExerciseReps
1Dumbbell ThrusterIncline Dumbbell Fly10 x 2
2Dumbbell Renegade RowDumbbell Leg Raise10 x 2
3RDL to Upright RowDumbbell Side Bend10 x 2
4Dumbbell ClustersDB Russian Twists10 x 2

Day 19 – OFF

Day 20 – Upper and Lower Body

Pair No.Upper BodyLower BodyReps
1Bent-over Dumbbell RowDumbbell Sumo Squat10 x 2
2Incline DB Bench PressDumbbell Reverse Lunges10 x 2
3Dumbbell Lateral RaisesLying Dumbbell Leg Curl10 x 2
4Dumbbell Rear Delt FlyDumbbell Glute Bridge10 x 2

Day 21 – OFF

Day 22 – Push-Pull (Upper Body)

Pair No.Pull ExercisePush ExerciseReps
1Dumbbell DeadliftFlat DB Bench Press10 x 2
2Dumbbell CurlDumbbell Deficit Pushup10 x 2
3Dumbbell PulloverWeighted Tricep Dips10 x 2
4Dumbbell Plank RowingSingle-arm Tricep Extension10 x 2

Day 23 – OFF

Day 24 – Compound and Isolation

Pair No.Compound ExerciseIsolation ExerciseReps
1Lunges to Overhead PressIncline Dumbbell Curl10 x 3
2Incline DB IYT RaisesConcentration Curl10 x 3
3Dumbbell Renegade RowDumbbell Facepull10 x 3

Day 25 – OFF

Day 26 – Upper and Lower Body

Pair No.Upper BodyLower BodyReps
1Dumbbell Bench PressDumbbell Squat10 x 2
2Dumbbell FlyDumbbell Step-up10 x 2
3Dumbbell Sit-upsDumbbell Sumo Squat10 x 2
4Dumbbell Side BendDumbbell Leg Curl10 x 2

Day 27 – OFF

Day 28 – OFF

Day 29 – Full Body Dumbbell Superset Workout

Pair no.Exercise 1Exercise 2Reps
1Dumbbell SquatOne-arm Dumbbell Row10 x 2
2Incline DB Bench PressDumbbell Bicep Curl10 x 2
3Dumbbell Lateral RaisesDumbbell RDL10 x 2
4Dumbbell Reverse FlyOne-arm Tricep Extension10 x 2

Day 30 – OFF

Dumbbell Superset Workout at Home PDF

The Takeaway

The superset workout training is a great way to build muscles and improve overall fitness while spending less time than traditional workouts. It requires you to perform a pair of exercises one after another with little rest in between.

It is important to incorporate the right pair of exercises when it comes to superset training. For example, you can perform two exercises that work opposite to one another, such as dumbbell bench presses and rowing.

If you’re looking for a well-designed, easy-to-follow, and effective dumbbell superset workout routine to perform at home, you can download the above program and give it a try.

I hope it will help you build muscles, improve your physique and take your fitness to the next level.

I’ve also created an ultimate 72-day dumbbell workout plan for all fitness enthusiats. You can check that out as well if you want to seriously build muscles at home with dumbbells only.

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