4 Day Workout Routine for Women with PDF

I’ve designed an easy-to-follow and effective 4 day workout routine for women who want to unleash their inner strength and improve their shape.

This program will allow you to train in an organized manner and help you get stronger, fitter, and healthier.

Those looking for a well-designed, effective, and straightforward workout routine for women can download this program.

About Program

Program Duration: You should try this program for at least two months to see some noticeable changes.

Workout Goal: I’ve shared two routines in this article, one for strength and muscle building and the other for lowering body fats, increasing lean mass, and bolstering muscles.

Sessions/week: Four

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate Level

Suitable Age Group: 16-35

Alternate Home Workout Program: 12-Week Home Workout Plan for Females

4 Day Women’s Workout Routine for Strength and Mass

Women's Workout Routine

If you’re lean and want to grow your strength and muscle, this four-day routine can help you achieve your fitness goal.

It involves training two muscles daily, allowing you to focus on every muscle group throughout the body within a week.


  • Monday – Chest and Shoulder
  • Tuesday – Quadriceps and Arms
  • Wednesday – OFF
  • Thursday – Back and Hamstrings
  • Friday – Glutes, Core, and Calves
  • Saturday – Cardio (Optional)
  • Sunday – OFF


  • Warm-up: Start your workout with 5 minutes of quick warm-up. You can do lightweight resistance or bodyweight cardio exercises to increase your heart rate and prepare your muscles for weighted exercises.
  • Rest between sets: If your goal is to increase strength, take 3 minutes of rest, 2 minutes for hypertrophy, and less than one minute for endurance and calorie burning.
  • Loading per set: Increase weight when you lower the number of reps.

Day 1 – Chest and Shoulder

Incline Machine Bench Press315, 12, 10
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press315, 12, 10
Seated Pec Deck Fly320, 15, 12
Overhead Press315, 12, 10
Cable Lateral Raises310/arm
Reverse Machine Fly315, 12, 10

Day 2 – Quadriceps and Arms

Dumbbell Squat + Rope Pushdown315, 12, 10
Leg Press + Overhead Triceps Extension 315, 12, 10
Front Lunges + Preacher/Concentration Curl312, 10, 8
Step-up + Hammer Curl312, 10, 8

Day 3 – Back and Hamstrings

Lat Pulldown (Medium Grip)212-15
Lat Pulldown (Close Grip)212-15
Seated Cable Row320, 15, 12
One-arm DB Row310/side
Machine Leg Curl320, 15, 12
DB Romanian Deadlift312, 10, 8

Day 4 – Glutes, Core, and Calves

Cable Pull Through412-15
Barbell Hip Thrust212-15
Glute Kickback320, 15, 12
Machine Ab Crunches310/side
Reverse Crunches320, 15, 12
High-to-Low Cable Chop312, 10, 8

4 Day Workout Split for Women to Burn Fat and Tone Muscle

If you’re slightly overweight and looking to get into shape, you can try this women’s 4 day split workout routine.

This plan involves performing both resistance and cardio exercises and will help you increase lean mass and lower body fat.


  • Monday – Upper Body and Cardio
  • Tuesday – Lower Body and Abs
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Upper Body and Cardio
  • Friday – Lower Body and Abs
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest


  • Warm-up: Perform aerobic exercises like jumping jacks, mountain climbing, bear crawling, and high knees and a warm-up set to increase your body temperature before going intense.
  • Rest between sets: Keep the rest time as short as possible.
  • Adjustment: You can make as many changes to this program as needed.

Day 1 – Upper Body and Cardio

ExerciseTarget MuscleSetsReps
Incline Machine Bench PressChest312-15
Seated Pec Deck FlyChest312-15
Cable Lateral RaisesShoulder310/side
Reverse FlyesShoulder310-12
Rope PushdownTriceps212-15
Bench DipsTriceps212-15
TreadmillFull Body110-min
Elliptical MachineFull Body15-min
BicyclingFull Body15-min

Day 2 – Lower Body and Abs

ExerciseTarget MuscleSetsReps
Dumbbell LungesQuad312-15
Leg PressQuad312-15
Leg ExtensionQuad310/side
Leg CurlHamstring310-12
Hip ThrustGlute212-15
High to Low Cable ChopOblique310/side
Ab Machine CrunchesUpper Abs320
Hanging Knee RaisesLower Abs310

Day 3 – Upper Body and Cardio

ExerciseTarget MuscleSetsReps
Front Lat Pull DownBack320, 15, 12
Seated Cable RowBack320, 15, 12
Chest-Supported RowBack320, 15, 12
Overhead PressShoulder320, 15, 12
Preacher/Concentration CurlBiceps312-15
TreadmillFull Body110-min
Elliptical MachineFull Body15-min
BicyclingFull Body15-min

Day 4 – Lower Body and Abs

ExerciseTarget MuscleSetsReps
Dumbbell SquatQuad312-15
Hack SquatQuad312-15
DB Romanian DeadliftHamstring310-12
Forward Leaning Step-upLower Body310/side
Prone Frog CurlGlute212-15
High to Low Cable ChopOblique310/side
Ab Machine CrunchesUpper Abs320
Hanging Knee RaisesLower Abs310

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