6 Day Gym Workout Schedule with PDF (PPL/Split/Cardio)

6 Day Gym Workout Schedule Summary

Whether you want to build muscles, lose weight, or achieve both simultaneously, you need an effective workout schedule.

A well-designed routine allows you to work out in an organized manner and helps you achieve your fitness goal.

However, people follow different workout plans depending on their fitness level, goals, and personal preferences. That’s why I’ve created multiple 6 day gym workout routines (with PDFs), from muscle gain to weight loss.

You can download the one you need based on your goal. You can also make any changes in the program and adjust it according to your want.

Who Can Follow the 6 Day Split Program?

These 6-day gym workout plans are primarily for intermediate and advanced lifters who want to put on muscles, increase strength, improve cardiovascular health, and speed up weight loss.

So, whether you are a male or female, you can download one of the routines depending on your fitness goal.

If you’re a beginner, you can complete the 6 days split into 2 weeks or save this 1 Hour Gym Workout weekly plan that I’ve created especially for beginners.

Summary and Description

6 Day Gym Workout Schedule And PDF

You’ll see the following routines in this article:

  • 6 Day Push/Pull/Legs Gym Workout Schedule
  • 6 Day Bro-Split Gym Workout Plan
  • 6-Day Full Body Gym Training Routine
  • 6-Day Gym Workout Program for Weight Loss

Rest or Interval between sets

The rest between each set should be about 1 to 3 minutes. If you do HIIT exercises, the intervals should be around 20 to 60 seconds, depending on the exercise type and your fitness level.

When your workout goal is muscular hypertrophy, the short intervals of 30-60 seconds might be most effective when you combine the moderate-intensity sets, as studies suggested. 1National Institute of Health Database – Rest interval between sets in strength training

Overall, the study demonstrated that you must utilize the benefits of short rest intervals for muscular gains.

Duration of one session

  • 60-75 minutes for Bodybuilding
  • 45-75 minutes for weight loss.

How Much Weight Should You Lift?

You can lift as much weight as you can for bodybuilding.

You can start your first set with normal weight, then increase the weight in the second and third sets.

When you do 4 sets, target the 4 reps in the last set with as much heavier weight as you can lift or push.

So, lifting weights entirely depends on your strength.


The primary goal of the first three workout plans is to gain strength and muscles, while the last one is for weight loss.


It’s best to perform some cardio exercises before lifting weights to increase your blood flow and get your muscles ready. For example, you can jog, do some aerobic workouts, or lift light weights for five minutes.

Recommended Supplements for Strength, Gain, and Weight Loss

What you consume plays an important role in building muscle or losing weight and this is a vast topic to write on. I can’t go deep because the workout plan is the main topic of this article.

All I can say is that whatever weight loss program you choose, you’ll have to stay in a calorie deficit. And for building muscle, you’ll have to feed your muscles enough amount of protein.

If you want to know the relationship between muscle building, protein, and supplements. You can check out several articles published on the National Institute of Health website. 2Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation, 3 Dietary Protein and Muscle Mass: Translating Science to Application and Health Benefits, 4 National Health Service (NHS): Bodybuilding and sports supplements: the facts



In this PPL 6 day gym workout schedule, you’ll train each muscle group twice a week.

For example, if you train your chest on Monday, you’ll again work out your chest on Thursday.

On the first day, you’ll train your chest, shoulder, and triceps; on the second day, you’ll work out your back, biceps, and posterior delt; and on the third day, you’ll bolster hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, calves, and core.

You’ll exercise with light weights during the first three days to increase your lean mass. And you’ll lift heavier weights during the last three days to maximize your strength.

The suitable rep ranges for hypertrophy will be 10-15, and for strength, it will be 6-8.

When you work out with light weights, the rest period will be shorter (1-2 minutes), and when you lift heavy, you can take a rest of 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the type of exercise you do.

For hypertrophy, lift weight at around 40-60% of your 1RM, and for strength, lift at more than 50-90% of your 1RM.

So here’s the six-day PPL workout schedule:

  • Day 1: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Part 1 – Hypertrophy)
  • Day 2: Back, Biceps, Forearms
  • Day 3: Legs and Core
  • Day 4: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Part 2 – Strength)
  • Day 5: Back, Biceps, Forearms
  • Day 6: Legs and Core

Day 1: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Part 1)

Push ExercisesMuscles BuildReps
Barbell Flat Bench PressChest16, 12, 10
Incline Dumbell PressChest12, 10, 10
Pec Deck FlyChest15, 12 10
Dumbbell Front RaisesShoulder12, 10, 10
Dumbbell Lateral RaisesShoulder12, 10, 10
Triceps Rope PushdownTricep14, 12, 10

Day 2: Back, Biceps, Forearms (Part 1)

Pull ExercisesMuscles BuildReps
Pull-upBack8 x 3
Wide Grip Lat PulldownBack15, 12, 10
Bent-Over RowBack15, 12, 10
Seated Cable RowBack15, 12, 10
Face PullUpper Back15, 12, 10
EZ Standing Bicep CurlBiceps15, 12, 10
Preacher CurlBiceps15, 12, 10

Day 3 – Legs and Core (Part 1)

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Dumbbell LungesLegs12, 10, 10
Leg PressQuad15, 12, 10
Leg ExtensionQuad15, 12, 10
Lying DB Leg CurlHamstring15, 12, 10
Calf RaisesCalves16, 14, 12
High to Low Cable ChopCore10 x 2
Hanging Knee RaiseCore10 x 3

Day 4: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Part 2)

Push ExercisesMuscles BuildReps
Flat Bench PressChest8, 8, 6, 6
Incline Bench PressChest8, 6, 6, 4
Military PressShoulder10, 8, 6, 4
Leaning Cable Lateral RaiseShoulder10 x 3
Shoulder ShrugShoulder10, 8, 6, 4
Single-arm Tricep ExtensionTriceps12, 10, 8

Day 5: Back, Biceps and Forearms (Part 2)

Pull ExercisesMusclesReps
DeadliftBack8, 6, 4
Lat PulldownBack10, 8, 6
Seated Cable RowingBack10, 8, 6
T RowingBack10, 8, 6
Chin-upsBiceps10, 8, 6
EZ Bar CurlBiceps10, 8, 6
Hammer CurlBiceps10, 8, 6

Day 6 – Legs and Core (Part 2)

Leg and Core ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Back SquatQuads5 x 5
DB Romanian DeadliftPosterior Chain10, 8, 6
Hip ThrustPosterior Chain10, 8, 6
Landmine Oblique TwistCore10 x 2
Hanging Knee RaiseCore10 x 2
Cable CrunchesCore10 x 2
6-Day Workout Routine for Muscle Mass


In the bro split 6 day workout routine, you’ll train each muscle group once a week. For example, chest on day 1, back on day 2, and so on.

It is one of the most popular workout routines in the fitness community. I’ve seen plenty of guys doing bro split workouts across many gyms.

It is a simple and easy-to-follow workout and requires less time to complete one session compared to PPL.

The Bro-split may or may not work well for you. The result entirely depends on how your body responds to a certain workout schedule.

The bro split routine also helped me maintain and improve my strength. However, compared to PPL and full-body workout routines, it is less effective.

So, this routine is primarily for those who want a straightforward workout program and have less than an hour to dedicate to the training.

The Bro Split 6 Day Gym Workout Plan

  • Day 1: Chest
  • Day 2: Lats, Traps, and Lower Back
  • Day 3: Quad, Calves, and Abs
  • Day 4: Triceps, Biceps, and Wrist
  • Day 5: Front, Medial, and Rear Delt (Shoulders)
  • Day 6: Hamstring, Glutes, and Oblique

Day 1 – Chest

Barbell Flat Bench Press12, 10, 8, 6
DB Incline Bench Press12, 10, 8, 6
Machin Fly12 x 3
H2L Cable Fly12 x 3
Dumbbell Pullover10 x 3
Dips (Optional)10 x 3

Day 2 – Back

Pull-up8-10 x 3
Front Lat Pulldown15, 12, 10, 8
Seated Cable Row15, 12, 10, 8
Barbell Bent Over10-12 x 3
Unilateral DB Rowing8-10 x 3
Face Pull10-12 x 3
Bird Dog10-sec/side x 3

Day 3 – Quad, Calves and Abs

Barbell Back Squat15, 12, 10, 8
Machine Leg Press15, 12, 10
Leg Extension15, 12, 10
Calf Raises15 x 3
Hanging Knee Raise10 x 2
Cable Woodchop10 x 2
Cable Crunches10 x 2
Ab Rollout8 x 2

Day 4 – Triceps, Biceps, and Forearms

Triangle Pushups10 x 3
Skull Crusher12, 10, 8
Overhead Triceps Extension12, 10, 8
Rope Pushdown12, 10, 8
Chinups10 x 3
Incline DB Curl12, 10, 8
Preacher Curl12, 10, 8
Hammer Curl12, 10, 8

Day 5 – Front, Medial, and Rear Delt (Shoulders)

Barbell Front Overhead Press15, 12, 10
Alternate DB Front Raises10 x 2
Dumbbell Lateral Raise12, 10, 8
Leaning away Cable Lateral Raise12, 10, 8
Seated Rear Delt Raise15, 12, 10
Shoulder Shrug12, 10, 8

Day 6 – Hamstring, Glutes and Oblique

Dumbbell RDL8-10 x 3
Machine Leg Curl15, 12, 10
Nordic Hamstring Curl10 x 3
Hip Thrust10 x 3
Decline Bench Crunch10 x 3
Hollow Body Hold15-sec x 2
Hanging Side Knee Raise10 x 2
Dumbbell Side Plank20-sec/side
6 Day Split Workout


In this 6 day gym workout program, you’ll target almost every muscle each day.

The total body split is an effective way to bolster muscle and increase endurance.

I’ve also tried this split for three months and got some decent results in terms of muscular endurance and muscle tone.

This won’t give you immediate results but will help you develop your overall fitness over time.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Monday – Workout
  • Tuesday – Workout
  • Wednesday – Workout
  • Thursday – OFF
  • Friday – Workout
  • Saturday – Workout
  • Sunday – Workout

As you train your entire body six days a week, working out 30-45 minutes a day will be enough.

Day 1

ExercisesTarget MusclesReps
Barbell Back SquatLegs12 x 3
Lat PulldownBack12 x 3
Flat Bench PressChest12 x 3
Shoulder Overhead PressShoulder12 x 3
Hanging Knee RaisesCore10 x 3

Day 2

Pull ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Bar DipsTriceps, Chest10 x 3
Incline Bench PressChest12 x 3
Lateral RaisesShoulder12 x 3
One-arm DB RowBack10 x 3
Leg CurlHamstrings12 x 3

Day 3

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
DeadliftIntegrated Full Body6-8 x 4
Seated Cable RowBack12 x 3
PulloverChest12 x 3
Barbell CurlBiceps12 x 3
H2L Cable ChopCore12 x 3

Day 4

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
LungesLower Body12, 10, 8
Leg PressLower Body12, 10, 8
Narrow Bench PressChest, Triceps12 x 3
Rear Delt FlyBack, Shoulder12 x 3
ShrugShoulder12 x 3

Day 5

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Chin-upsBack, Biceps10 x 3
DipsTriceps, Chest10 x 3
Bent-over RowBack12 x 3
Arnold PressShoulder10 x 3
Step-upLower Body10 x 3

Day 6

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Barbell JammerIntegrated Full Body10, 8, 6
Standing FYT RaisesShoulder10, 8, 6
Leg ExtensionQuad12 x 3
Pec Deck FlyChest12 x 3
Incline Plank RowBack, Core10 x 3
6 Day Workout Split for Building Muscle


In this weight loss 6 day workout plan, I’ve included HIIT cardio and weight training.

The combination of both helps improve cardiovascular fitness, increase weight loss, and improve body composition.

Exercise plays a key role in a healthy weight loss process. However, weight loss is only achievable through a calorie-deficit diet program.

The calorie deficit means eating fewer calories than your body uses throughout the day.

Your body mostly torches calories when you exercise, walk, or do any physical activity.

Exercises do not directly reduce body fat percentage, but they help you burn more calories, maintain blood sugar levels, improve metabolism, strengthen bone, build lean mass, and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Several studies suggested adding exercises to your calorie-restricted diet increases weight loss.5 Cox CE. Role of Physical Activity for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance. Diabetes Spectr. 2017 Aug;30(3):157-160. doi: 10.2337/ds17-0013. PMID: 28848307; PMCID: PMC5556592.

nihms weight loss
Source: National Institute of Health Database (PMC3925973)

So, if you want to safely and effectively lose weight, you can exercise at least one hour a day and consume fewer calories than your body requires.

Here’s the 6 day cardio and strength training for weight loss:

  • Monday: Cardio + Weight Training
  • Tuesday: Dumbbell Workout + HIIT Core
  • Wednesday: Weight Training + Cardio
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Barbell Compound Workout
  • Saturday: Weight Training and Core
  • Sunday: Low Intense Gym Machine cardio

Day 1 – Cardio and Weight Training

High Knees30-sec15-sec
Jumping Jacks30-sec15-sec
Mountain Climbing30-sec15-sec
Treadmill Run15-min3-min
Barbell Squat12, 10, 8 reps1-2 min
Bench Press12, 10, 8 reps1-2 min
Bent-over Row12, 10, 8 reps1-2 min

Day 2 – Dumbbell Workout and HIIT Core

Dumbbell Lunges12, 10, 8 reps30-sec
Push Press12, 10, 8 reps30-sec
Dumbbell Squat Swing12, 10, 8 reps30-sec
Dumbbell Man Makers12, 10, 8 reps30-sec
HIIT Core Workout15-min

Day 3 – Weight Training and Cardio

Military Press15, 12, 10 reps1-2 min
Leg Press15, 12, 10 reps1-2 min
Lat Pulldown15, 12, 10 reps1-2 min
Burpees10 x 2 reps30-sec
Squat Jump10 x 2 reps30-sec
Treadmill Run10-minute

Day 4 – Barbell Compound Workout

Barbell Jammers12, 10, 8 1-3 min
Barbell Bench Press12, 10, 81-3 min
Overhead Press12, 10, 81-3 min
Barbell T Rowing12, 10, 81-3 min
Barbell Hip Thrust12, 10, 81-2 min

Day 5 – Weight Training and Core

High Knees30-sec x 215-sec
Jumping Jacks30-sec x 215-sec
Treadmill Run5-minute3-min
Deadlift5 x 51-3 min
Seated Cable Row12 x 31-2 min
Pullover12 x 31-2 min
Triset Abs Workout20-minute

Day 6 – Low Intense Gym Machine cardio

Treadmill Run15-min3-min
Stationary Bicycling10-min3-min
Cross Trainer5-min2-min
Battle Rope5-min
6 Day Cutting Routine

6 Day Gym Workout Schedule PDF

Final Words

When it comes to achieving a specific workout goal, a workout plan is necessary.

A well-structured routine allows you to train in an organized manner and help you reach your fitness goal.

However, people follow different workout plans depending on their fitness level, goals, and personal preferences. That’s why I’ve shared multiple 6 day gym workout routines in this article, from muscle gain to weight loss.

You can download the one you need based on your goal. You can also make any changes to the program and adjust it according to your needs.

If you eat what’s required for building muscles and follow the routine consistently, you’ll surely gain strength and muscles within 3 to 4 months.

If you want to lose weight, focus on a calorie deficit, eat low-calorie foods that fill you up for a longer time, try intermittent fasting, use some weight loss supplements, and do not miss workouts.

The primary goal of this article was to share multiple six-day workout routines. There can be more things to include in this article, but I’ve only focused on the workout schedule.


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Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of thefitnessphantom.com. I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.
Picture of Murshid Akram

Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of thefitnessphantom.com. I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.
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Rinku Johnson
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This is really helpful for me as a beginner. Thank you.

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I’m Murshid Akram, a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of thefitnessphantom.com. I primarily design workout plans and share science-based and practical information that can help you become stronger, functional, and healthier.

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