6 Day Gym Workout Schedule with PDF

Whether you follow a full-body workout routine, push-pull-legs, or bro split, in this article I’ve created 6 day gym workout schedule along with a PDF that can help you achieve your fitness goal.

Different people have different choices, that’s why I’ve included 3 types of 6 days gym workout routines for building strength and muscle mass. And one 6 day gym workout schedule for weight loss.

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You’ll also see the differences between push-pull-legs, full-body split, and bro split in this article.

Who Can Do This 6 Days Gym Workout Schedule?

This 6-day gym workout plan is especially for intermediate and advanced. If you’re a beginner, you can complete the 6 days split into 2 weeks or you can do the 1 Hour Gym Workout weekly plan that I’ve created especially for beginners.

If you want to build strength and muscle mass or lose weight, you can select one routine out of 4 that I’ve shared in this article according to your goal.

However, if you only work out 5 days a week, then you can save this for yourself (5 Day Gym Workout Schedule With PDF)


6 Day Gym Workout Schedule And PDF

You’ll see the followings 6 day gym workout schedule in this article:

  1. 6 Day Push/Pull/Legs Gym Workout Schedule
  2. 6 Day Bro-Split Gym Workout Plan
  3. 6-Day Full Body Gym Training Routine
  4. 6-Day HIIT and Weight Training Gym Workout Schedule For Weight Loss

For HIIT, you can check out a list of HIIT exercises that you can include in your plan.

Rest or Interval between sets

The rest between each set should be about 1 to 3 minutes. If you do HIIT exercises, the intervals should be around 20 seconds to 60 seconds depending on your goal and fitness level.

When your workout goal is muscular hypertrophy, the short intervals of 30-60 seconds might be most effective when you combine the moderate-intensity sets- studies suggested. 1National Institute of Health Database – Rest interval between sets in strength training

Overall, the study demonstrated that for muscular gains you must utilize the benefits of short rest intervals.

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Duration of one session

  • 75 to 120 minutes for Bodybuilding
  • 45 to 60 minutes high-intensity workout for weight loss.

How Much Weight Should You Lift?

You can lift as much weight as you can for bodybuilding.

You can start your first set with normal weight, then increase the weight in the second and third sets.

When you do 4 sets, target for the 4 reps in the last set with as much heavier weight as you can lift or push.

So, lifting weight completely depends on your strength, I’ll just include how many reps and sets you’ll do in the routine.

If you work out with dumbbells, you can save this: 12-week dumbbell workout plan (with Free PDF)


The primary goal is of the first three 6 day gym workout schedules is to gain strength and muscles while the last one is for weight loss.

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Number of Exercises

You’ll do plenty of exercises but not all in just 6 days or a 6-day gym workout schedule. Because there are myriads of workouts available.

So when you repeat the schedule in the next weeks, you can change exercises according to your choices.

If you want more varieties in exercises, check out an important list of compound exercises.

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Recommended Supplements for Strength, Gain, and Weight Loss

What you consume plays an important role in building muscle or losing weight and this is a vast topic to write on. I can’t go deep because the workout plan is the main topic of this article.

All I can say, whatever weight loss program you chose, you’ll have to stay in a calorie deficit. And for building muscle, you’ll have to feed your muscles enough amount of protein.

If you want to know the relation between muscle building, protein, and supplements. You can check out several articles published on the National Health of Institute website. 2Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation, 3 Dietary Protein and Muscle Mass: Translating Science to Application and Health Benefit, 4 National Health Service (NHS): Bodybuilding and sports supplements: the facts

You check out our recommended supplement where I’ve categorized products according to various countries.

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Okay, so let’s start with the schedules



In this PPL 6 day gym workout schedule, you can target each muscle group twice.

By muscle group, I mean chest, shoulder, triceps, legs, back, biceps, and wrist.

For example, if you train your chest on Monday, you’ll again work out your chest on Thursday.

On the first day, you’ll exercise on the chest, shoulder, and triceps; the second day you’ll work out your hamstrings quadriceps, glutes, and calves, and on the third day, you focus on your back and front arms.

The first three days you’ll exercise with light weights and the last three days you’ll train with heavyweights.

With light weights, you’ll do 12 to 16 repetitions. And with heavyweights, you should limit your reps to 6-8. So depending on your strength choose your light and heavyweights.

When you work out with lightweights, the rest period would be shorter (45-90seconds), and when you do exercise with heavyweights, you can take a rest of 60 seconds to 120 seconds.

So here’s how you can breakdown 6 days exercises

  • Day 1: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Part 1)
  • Day 2: Back, Biceps, Forearms
  • Day-3: Legs and Core
  • Day 4: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Part 2)
  • Day 5: Back, Biceps, Forearms
  • Day-6: Legs and Core

Day 1: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Part 1)

Push ExercisesMuscles BuildReps
Barbell Flat Bench PressChest16, 12, 10,
Incline Dumbell PressChest16, 12, 8
Dumbbell PulloverChest12, 10, 8
Barbell Overhead PressShoulder14, 12, 10
DB Front Lateral RaisesShoulder12, 10, 10
Bent-Over Lateral RaisesShoulder12, 10, 10
Triangle PushupTriceps10 x 2 sets
Incline Dumbbell
Overhead Extension
Triceps14, 12, 10
Triceps Rope PushdownTricep14, 12, 10
Weighted PushupUpper BodyAMRAP

Day 2: Back, Biceps, Forearms (Part 1)

Pull ExercisesMuscles BuildReps
Pull-upBackAMRAP x 2 sets
Wide Grip Lat PulldownBack16, 14, 12
Barbell Bent-Over RowBack16, 14, 12
One Arm Dumbbell RowingBack14, 12, 10
ChinupsBicepsAMRAP x 2 sets
EZ Standing Bicep CurlBiceps16, 14, 12
DB Alternate Bicep curlBiceps14, 12, 10
Preacher CurlBiceps14, 12, 10
Palm up Dumbbell Wrist CurlWrist and Forearm16, 14, 12

Day 3 – Legs and Core (Part 1)

Leg and Core ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Barbell Smith Machine LungesQuadriceps, Glutes,
and Hamstring
16 and 12
Barbell Back SquatQuad and Glutes20, 15, 12
Leg ExtensionQuad16, 14, 12
Dumbbell Romanian DeadliftHamstring, Quad, Glutes10, 8, 6
Lying DB Leg Curl or
Machine Hamstring Curl
Hamstring16, 14, 12
Weighted Glute BridgeGlute14, 12, 10
Calf RaisesCalves16, 14, 12
Sits upCore30 seconds
Leg RaisesCore10 Reps
PlankCore60+ seconds

Day 4: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Part 2)

Push ExercisesMuscles BuildReps
Barbell Flat Bench PressChest10, 8, 4
Incline Bench PressChest10, 8, 4
Parallel Cable FlyChest10, 8, 6
Dumbbell Squeeze PressChest10, 8, 6
Dumbbell Overhead PressShoulder10, 8, 6
Leaning Cable Lateral RaiseShoulder10, 8, 6
Barbell Upright RowShoulder10, 8, 6
Shoulder ShrugShoulder Shrug10, 8, 6
Parallel DipsTricepsAMRAP x
2 sets
Skull CrusherTriceps10, 8, 6
PushdownTriceps10, 8, 6
KickbackTriceps12, 10, 8

Day 5: Back, Biceps and Forearms (Part 2)

Pull ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Pull-upBackAMRAP x 2 sets
Medium Grip
Lat Pulldown
Back10, 8, 6
Seated Cable RowingBack10, 8, 6
T RowingBack10, 8, 6
Face PullBack10, 8, 6
ChinupsBicepsAMRAP x 2 sets
Standing Barbell CurlBiceps10, 8, 6
Concentration CurlBiceps10, 8, 6
Cable CurlBiceps10, 8, 6
Hammer CurlBiceps10, 8, 6
Palms up Wrist CurlWrist and Forearm8 x 2 sets
Palms Down Wrist CurlWrist and Forearm8 x 2 sets

Day 6 – Legs and Core (Part 2)

Leg and Core ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Deadlift Lower Body and BackAMRAP x 3
Barbell Back SquatQuads12 and 8
Barbell Sumo SquatSide Thighs and Glutes12 and 8
Leg Extension Quads10, 8, 6
Hamstring CurlHamstring10, 8, 6
Barbell Hip ThrustGlute, Hip10, 8, 6
Calf RaisesCalves12, 10, 8
Reverse CrunchesCore30 seconds
Leg RaisesCore10 Reps
PlankCore60+ seconds
Side PlankCore30 seconds
each side

6 Day Bro-Split Gym Workout Schedule

In the bro split 6 day gym workout schedule, you’ll train each muscle group in one day. For example, chest on day 1, back on day 2, and so on.

This is one of the workout routines that people talk less but do more. I’ve seen plenty of guys doing bro split workouts.

This routine may or may not work well for you. The result entirely depends on how your body responds to a certain workout schedule.

I’ve also built my muscles with the bro split routine and it works if you’ll be consistent. However, compare to PPL and full-body workout routine, the bro split may be less effective,

But if you enjoy, workout consistently and most importantly you’re getting results, then there’s no need to follow other plans.

The Bro Split 6 Day Gym Workout Plan

  • Day 1: Complete Chest
  • Day 2: Lats, Traps, and Lower Back
  • Day 3: Quad, Calves and Mid Abs
  • Day 4: Triceps, Biceps, and Wrist
  • Day 5: Front, Medial, and Rear Delt (Shoulders)
  • Day 6: Hamstring, Glutes and Oblique

Day 1 – Chest

Barbell Flat Bench Press12, 10, 8, 4
DB Incline Bench Press12, 10, 8, 4
Seated Cable or
Machin Fly
12 and 10
Cable Incline Fly10 and 8
Decline Press10 and 8
Dumbbell Pullover10 and 8
Dumbbell Squeeze Press10, 8, 6

Day 2 – Back

Barbell DeadliftAMRAP x 3 Sets
Wide Grip Pull-upsAMRAP x 3 Sets
Narrow Grip
Front Lat Pulldown
12, 10, 8, 4
T Bar Rowing12, 10, 8
Underhand Grip
Barbell Bent Over
10, 8, 6
Single Arm Dumbbell Rowing10, 8, 6
Cable Rowing12, 10, 8, 4
Face Pull12, 10, 8,
Superman for Lower Back10 and 8
Bird Dog30 Seconds Each

Day 3 – Quad, Calves and Mid Abs

Barbell Back Squat20, 15, 12
Machine Leg Press15, 12, 10
Hack Squat12, 10, 8
Leg Extension12, 10, 8
Calf Raises16, 14, 12, 10
Hanging Knee Raise8 x 2 sets
Crunches15 x 2 sets
Reverse Crunches15 x 2 sets
Leg Raises15 x 2 sets
Plank60+ seconds

Day 4 – Triceps, Biceps, and Wrist

Triangle PushupsAMRAP x 2 Sets
Parallel Dips 12, 10, 8
Dumbbell Kickbacks12, 10, 8
Overhead Triceps Extensions10, 8, 6
Rope Pushdowns12, 10, 8
Barbell10, 8, 6
Concentration Curl12, 10, 8
Cable Curl12, 10, 8
ChinupsAMRAP x 2 Sets
Incline Curl12, 10, 8
Preacher Curl10, 8, 6
Wrist Curl10, 8, 6
These Exercises are the most effective suggested by the American Council of Exercise (ACE) 5 ACE Study Identifies Best Triceps Exercises, 6ACE Study Reveals Best Biceps Exercises

Day 5 – Front, Medial, and Rear Delt (Shoulders)

Barbell Front Overhead Press12, 10, 8
Dumbbell Front Raises12, 10, 8
Bent Arm Lateral Raise12, 10, 8
45-degree Incline Row12, 10, 8
Seated Rear Lateral Raise12, 10, 8
Barbell Upright Row12, 10, 8
Shoulder Shrug12, 10, 8

Day 6 – Hamstring, Glutes and Oblique

Barbell Romanian DeadliftAMRAP x 3
DB Bulgarian Split Squat15, 12, 10
Hamstring Curl15, 12, 10
Nordic Hamstring Curl10, 8, 6
Glutes Bridge10, 8, 6
Barbell Hip Thrust10, 8, 6
Dumbbell Side Bend12, 10, 8
Russian Twist20 seconds x 2
Side to Side Heel
Touch Crunches
10 Reps x 2 sets
Hanging Side Knee RaiseAMRAP x 2 sets
Side Plank30 seconds
each side

6-Day Full Body Gym Workout Plan

In this 6 days gym workout program, you’ll target almost every muscle each day. Honestly, this one is my favorite.

The full body split helped me gain strength and muscle quickly. I didn’t know how effective it is until I followed and see the results.

However, this won’t give you instant results and you’ll hardly see your specific muscle is entirely pumped because you’ll need to target each muscle every day.

But, you’ll feel your strength increased and muscle gained over a specific period of time, such as 6 to 8 weeks.

Below, I’m going to share the workout routine that I’m following currently. I’ve created this myself and I hope, you’ll like it.

But, I don’t follow this plan continuously, I take a rest every 4th day and then continue.

Here’s the 6 Day split

Day 1

ExercisesMuscles BuildReps
PullupsBackAMRAP x 3
Narrow Grip PulldownBack12, 10, 8, 4
Barbell Back SquatLeg12, 10, 8, 4
Barbell JammerFull body10, 8, 6
Flat Bench PressChest10, 8, 6
Incline DB Bench PressChest10, 8, 6
Shoulder Overhead PressShoulder10, 8, 6
DB Front RaisesShoulder10, 8, 6

Day 2

Pull ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Triangle PushupTriceps, ChestAMRAP x 3 sets
Narrow Grip Bench PressTriceps, Chest10, 8, 6
Bent Arm Lateral RaiseShoulder
45-degree Incline RowShoulder
Standing Cable FlyChest10, 8, 6
Dumbbell PulloverChest, Back10, 8, 6
Barbell Bent OverBack10, 8, 6
Hamstring CurlHamstring8 x 2 sets

Day 3

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
DeadliftLower body, BackAMRAP x 3 sets
Single Arm DB RowingBack10, 8, 6
Barbell CurlBiceps10, 8, 6
Cable CurlBiceps10, 8, 6
Face pull Back and ShoulderAMRAP x 3 sets
Upright RowBack and ShoulderAMRAP x 3 sets
ShrugShoulder10, 8, 6
PushupChest, Triceps10, 8, 6
DipsTriceps, Chest8 x 2 sets

Day 4

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Barbell LungesLower Body12, 10, 8
Leg PressLower Body12, 10, 8
Hip ThrustLower Body10, 8, 6
Incline Bench PressChest12, 10, 8
Dumbbell Arnold PressShoulder10, 8, 6
Dumbbell IYTBack, ShoulderAMRAP x 2 sets
Cable RowingBack10, 8, 6
T RowBack10, 8, 6
PlankCore60+ seconds

Day 5

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Barbell Good MorningHamstrings, Glutes,
Lower Back
10, 8, 6
Bulgarian Split SquatLower body12, 10, 8
PullupsBackAMRAP x 3 sets
Front Lat PulldownBack12, 10, 8
Barbell CurlBiceps12, 10, 8
ChinupsBicepsAMRAP x 3 sets
Wrist CurlsForearms12, 10, 8
DipsTricepsAMRAP x 3 sets
Triangle PushupTricepsAMRAP x 2 sets
Side PlankCore30 seconds
each side

Day 6

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
DB Flat Bench PressChest12, 10, 8
Dumbbell FlyChest10, 8, 6
DB Front RaiseShoulder12, 10, 8
Bent Arm Lateral RaiseShoulder12, 10, 8
Upright RowShoulder, Upper Trap10, 8, 6
Barbell JammerFull Body12, 10, 8
Leg ExtensionQuad10, 8, 6
Leg RaisesAbdominal Muscle10 x 2 sets
V upsAbdominal MuscleAMRAP x 2 Sets

Weight Loss 6 Day Gym Workout Schedule

In the 6 day gym workout weight loss plan, I’ve mostly included HIIT workout and some weight training exercises.

High-intensity workouts mean, doing exercises in intervals; in the first interval, you’ll do exercise at a high intensity (or as fast as possible), and in the second interval, you’ll rest for short period. For example,

The primary role in any weight loss program is calorie deficit. The calorie deficit means eating fewer calories than your body uses throughout the day.

Your body realises calories when you exercise, walk, think, and even when you sleep.

Exercises do not directly reduce body fat percentage, but they help you burn more calories, maintain blood sugar levels, improve metabolism, and more.

Several studies suggested adding exercises with your calorie-restricted diet increase weight loss.

Source: National Institute of Health Database (PMC3925973)

So you can exercise for one hour every day if you’re serious about losing weight, along with following a restricted diet.

Here’s the 6-day workout split you can follow

  • Day 1: Cardio + Weight Training
  • Day 2: Dumbbell Weight Training
  • Day 3: Cardio + Weight Training
  • Day 4: Barbell Weight Training
  • Day 5: Cardio + Weight Training
  • Day 6: Machine Weight Training

Day 1

ExercisesHigh Intense
Less Intense Activity
High Knees30 seconds15 Seconds
Jumping Jacks30 seconds15 Seconds
Treadmill Run400m at Moderate Pace,
200m at Moderat to Fast,
100m As Fast As You Can
1 minute,
2 minutes,
3 Minutes
Mountain Climbing30 seconds30 seconds
Forearm Plank60 seconds60 seconds
Barbell Squat12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds
Bench Press12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds
Overhead Press12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds

Day 2

ExercisesHigh Intense
Less Intense Activity
Dumbbell Squat12, 10, 8 (Reps)15 Seconds
Push Press30 seconds15 Seconds
Box step-ups400m at Moderate Pace,
200m at Moderat to Fast,
100m As Fast As You Can
1 minute,
2 minute,
3 Minute
Forward Lunges to
Hammer Curl
30 seconds30 seconds
Incline Dumbbell
I-Y-T Raises
60 seconds60 seconds
Dumbbell Squat Swing12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds
Dumbbell Man Makers12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds
Deadlift To Upright Row12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds
Source: Full Body Dumbbell Workout For Weight Loss

Day 3

ExercisesHigh Intense
Less Intense Activity
Burpees10 Reps x 2 Sets60 seconds
Squat Jump30 seconds30 seconds
Treadmill Run400m at Moderate Pace,
300m at Moderat to Fast
200m at Fast Pace
100m As Fast As You Can
1 minute,
2 minutes,
2 Minutes,
3 Minutes
Crunches30 seconds30 seconds
Side Plank30 seconds/SideNo Rest
Lying Leg Raise10 reps x 2 sets30 seconds
Dumbbell Rowing12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds
Barbell Bent Over12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds
Lat Pulldown12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds

Day 4

Barbell Lunges12, 10, 81-3 Minutes
Barbell Jammers12, 10, 8 1-3 Minutes
Barbell Bench Press12, 10, 81-3 Minutes
Overhead Press12, 10, 81-3 Minutes
Barbell Front Raise12, 10, 81-3 Minutes
Barbell T Rowing12, 10, 81-3 Minutes
Barbell Hip Thrust12, 10, 81-3 Minutes

Day 5

ExercisesHigh Intense
Less Intense Activity
High Knees30 seconds15 Seconds
Jumping Ropes30 seconds x 430 Seconds
Jump Squat30 seconds30 seconds
Treadmill Run400m at Moderate Pace,
200m at Moderat to Fast,
100m As Fast As You Can
1 minute,
2 minute,
3 Minute
Mountain Climbing30 seconds30 seconds
Forearm Plank60 seconds60 seconds
Lying Leg Raises30 seconds30 seconds
Bench Press12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds
Barbell Upright Row12, 10, 8 (Reps)60 seconds

Day 6

ExercisesHigh Intense
Less Intense Activity
Treadmill Run500m at Moderate Pace,
300m at Moderat to Fast,
200m As Fast As You Can
1 minute,
2 minute,
3 Minute
Stationary Bicycling60 seconds x 2 Rounds60 seconds
Front Lat Pulldown12, 10, 8 (Reps)1-2 Minutes
Seated Cable Rowing12, 10, 8 (Reps)1-2 Minutes
Face pull12, 10, 8 (Reps)1-2 Minutes
Leaning Cable
Lateral Raise
12, 10, 8 (Reps)1-2 Minutes
Cable Fly12, 10, 8 (Reps)1-2 Minutes
Rope Pushdown12, 10, 8 (Reps)1-2 Minutes

6 Day Gym Workout Schedule PDF

Final Words

The above 6 day gym workout schedule are examples. You can modify and create your self routine depending on your strength and fitness level.

The above plans may work well for some people but may not for some; because everyone’s body responds differently.

If you eat what’s required for building muscles and do the right exercise, you’ll surely gain strength and muscles within 3 to 4 months.

And if you want to lose weight, you’ll need to eat low calories foods that fill you up; you can adopt intermittent fasting; you should workout and lastly, you can take weight loss supplements.

The primary goal of this article is to share 6 day gym workout schedule. There can be more things to include in this article but I’ve only focused on the workout schedule.

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